Extremely Rare WWII Nazi Military BMW R75 Motorcycle and Sidecar

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Extremely Rare WWII Nazi Military BMW R75 Motorcycle and Sidecar
This BMW R75 is a World War II-era motorcycle and sidecar combination manufactured by the German company Bavarian Motor Works. The development of the R75 was in response to a request from the German Army to make a vehicle more capable in off-road conditions. Essentially the R75 is a three wheeled vehicle, with the third sidecar wheel driven from an axle connected to the rear wheel of the motorcycle. The R75 proved to be highly maneuverable and capable of navigating through most types of terrain. The R75 was widely used by the Wehrmacht in the Eastern front and North African Campaign. It is likely that many of the R75 crews that served during the war had been members of the National Socialist Motor Corps (NSKK) before joining the Wehrmacht. With the outbreak of World War II, the NSKK became a target of Wehrmacht recruitment, since NSKK members already possessed knowledge in the operation and maintenance of high performance motorcycles and automobiles. Many NSKK members would join the regular army. This R75 has been professionally restored and features the German North Afrika Korps desert paint scheme. The BMW data plate on the motorcycle is dated 1943. It is equipped with a horizontal opposed twin cylinder, shaft driven engine with the engine data plate on the left wind screen. Fitted with Dunlop Drilastic rubber driver and passenger seats. The front fender is marked "1,75 atu" and has a data plate, with the rear fender having a metal BMW logo and marked "achsdruck 178 kg" and "2, 75 atu". The Steib sidecar has the Afrika Corps white palm tree with a Hungarian motor club decal in the center (Viharsarok Veteran Jarmu Klub) and the fender is marked "1,9 atu". The sidecar has a vinyl seat, a spare tire attached to the back, and a machine gun mount on the front with a full sized non-functioning MG 42 machine gun model. The front of the sidecar has two accessory mounts with a metal container attached to the left side. A second container is attached to the back of the motorcycle (left side). The containers are marked "WH-900686". The same WH suffixed number, along with the Hungarian club decal, appears on plaque attached vertically to the front fender. A 1943 dated BMW data plate is attached to the back of the sidecar, with a "Schwingachse / [arrow] / wochentlich schmieren!" marked plate on the back of the fender. Complete with a canvas sidecar cover and a German gas mask canister (gas mask not included).
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Condition: Very fine as professionally restored many years ago. Most of the desert paint remains with some loss mostly on the gas tank, sidecar fender, and sidecar passenger grasping bar. There is a large chip of paint absent from the interior of the sidecar and the front fender has a few minor cracks in the paint that radiate from the plaque mounts. Engine runs fine for a 67 year old motorcycle as we have had it running and it has been driven around the parking lot. (what a treat for the neighbors! We cannot guarantee it, due to the age, as things can happen to any motor on any used vehicle. Having said that, writer has had much experience with motor vehicles and would not be scared of owning this as it is truly unique!