Exceptional Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver with Deluxe Factory Gustave Young Engraving, Ivory Grip

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Exceptional Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver with Deluxe Factory Gustave Young Engraving, Ivory Grip
This extraordinary Gustave Young engraved Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver was manufactured in 1853. The revolver has a five shot, blued cylinder and barrel, casehardened loading lever, frame and hammer, silver-plated brass trigger guard and backstrap with one-piece ivory grip. The revolver features factory deluxe Germanic scroll engraving on a punch-dot background by master engraver Gustave Young. The engraving covers approximately 3/4s of the barrel and lug, the ends of the wedge, the sides of the loading lever, the frame, hammer, the sides and bottom of the trigger guard, the backstrap, butt and screw heads. The top of the barrel is hand engraved with "SAML COLT" in Old English letters in a panel formed by engraved flourishes. "COLTS/PATENT" is hand engraved on the left side of the frame and enclosed in a panel formed by scroll-work. The hammer is fully engraved with a wolf's head motif surrounded by scroll-work and punch-dots. A center punch mark is stamped below the serial number on the frame, trigger guard and backstrap which indicates the revolver was designated for special finish and handling. The cylinder is roll-engraved with the stage hold-up scene and "COLT'S PATENT" markings. The full serial number, "77100" is visible on the barrel, frame, trigger guard, backstrap and cylinder. The loading lever is stamped with the partial serial number, "7100". All of the visible serial numbers match. The revolver is complete with a rare, leather covered, "pipe style" case. The case covers the revolver barrel, cylinder and frame and has a chamois lining.
BBL: 4 inch octagon
Gauge: 31 percussion
Finish: blue/casehardened
Grips: ivory
Serial Number: 77100

Excellent. The barrel and cylinder have 90% of the original high polish blue finish. The cylinder retains nearly all of the roll-engraved stage robbery scene and Colt markings. There is some light flash pitting on the percussion nipples and rear face of the cylinder. The safety pins have some hammer wear but are intact. The loading lever, frame and hammer have 95% of the original casehardened finish with strong case colors. There is some light flash pitting on the face and forward edges of the hammer. The trigger guard and backstrap have 95% of the silver-plated finish. There is some minor edge wear on the sides of the trigger guard and backstrap. The hand engraved Colt legend and patent markings are extremely crisp and the engraving is deep and sharp. The ivory grip is in excellent condition with some attractive age yellowing. The rare pipe style case is in very fine overall condition. The black leather cover as some scuff marks and age spots and the chamois interior lining shows some discoloration form contact with the revolver. The frail brass hinges on the top of the case are both broken and the closure hook on the bottom of the case is missing. This is an exceptional example of a pre-Civil War Colt Model 1849 Pocket revolver with deluxe factory engraving by Gustave Young, ivory grip and rare pipe style case.