Excellent U.S. Springfield Armory Model 1903A1 Sniper Rifle with Unertl U.S.M.C. Sniper Scope and Sc

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Excellent U.S. Springfield Armory Model 1903A1 Sniper Rifle with Unertl U.S.M.C. Sniper Scope and Sc
Late production U.S. Springfield Model 1903A1 Rifle fitted with rare Marine Corps Unertl 8-power telescope sight and micarta case. The rifle has a dark, gray-green parkerized finish. The "NS" marked bolt body, handle and extractor have been polished. The rifle has a walnut pistol grip "C" stock with checkered buttplate and modified handguard. The telescopic sight has a blue tube and black Unertl anodized aluminum target mounts. The telescopic sight tube is stamped: "J. UNERTL/USMC-SNIPER/2006" (the serial numbers are not clear) in three lines. The scope has fine wire cross-hairs and steel lens covers. The rear sight is fitted with a P.J. O'HARE, national match style, cover. The rifle receiver has the standard Springfield markings; only the serial number, "1509395". is visible. The barrel is marked: "SA/Ordnance Shell & Flame/3-38" behind the front sight. The barrel is stamped with a "P" proof mark and the steel lot code "B1B" in front of the rear sight base. The rifle lacks the receiver modifications and barrel fixture marks typically found on USMC Model 1903A1 sniper rifles. The rear sight is a WWII replacement with polished face. The handguard is WWII Remington production with small oval windage knob clearance cut on the right side. The top of the handguard has been milled to accommodate the telescopic sight and a rectangular cut has been made in the handguard for the scope mount. The milling is well executed and the scope mount cut-out has perfect edges. The WWII production, thick wrist, low comb, "C" stock has been stamped with the rifle serial number, "1509395" on the underside above the barrel band. The bottom of the pistol grip is stamped with a large "3" rack number. An encircled, serifed, "P" proof mark is stamped just behind the trigger guard finial. Five small sub-inspection marks (probably applied by Remington) are stamped on the underside of the stock in front of the floor plate finial. The stock has no Ordnance final inspection marks but a small "S" sub-inspection mark in the cut-off relief cut. The rifle is fitted with a WWII production Model 1907 russet leather sling. Included with the rifle is a very rare USMC micarta scope can for the Unertl USMC-SNIPER telescopic sight. The can is painted olive drab and has a web belt/pack hook and cap retaining strap.
BBL: 24 In
Stock: walnut
Gauge: 30-60
Finish: parkerized
Serial Number: 1509395
Condition: Excellent. The rifle retains 98% plus of the original parkerized finish with crisp markings. The bore is bright. The polishing on the bolt and receiver rails is not arsenal work. The stock and handguard are both Remington components. The Unertl telescopic sight is in excellent condition and retains more than 90% of the original blue finish. The optics are excellent. The markings on the scope tube are sharp and original. The mounts have most of the gloss black anodized finish. The rare USMC scope can is in excellent plus condition and appears to be un-issued. The USMC Model 1903A1 Sniper Rifles were assembled at the Philadelphia Navy Yard in 1943; most, but not all, of the approximately 2000 rifles were converted from pre-war National Match Model 1903 and Model 1903A1 rifles in the Marine Corps inventory other rifles were converted using selected standard production components. The 8-power Unertl "USMC-SNIPER" telescopic sights were manufactured especially for the Model 1903A1 sniper rifles. The telescopic sights were used during WWII and the Korean Conflict on USMC Model 1903A1 sniper rifles and were re-issued with Model 70 Winchester sniper rifles during the early years of the Vietnam Conflict. The special Unertl scope cans had a low survival rate are rare in any condition.