Alfredo Contino, Naples 1944 OLD VIOLIN #2051253

Alfredo Contino, Naples 1944 OLD VIOLIN #2051253

Currency:USD Category:Musical Instruments Start Price:525.00 USD Estimated At:0.00 - 0.00 USD
Alfredo Contino, Naples 1944 OLD VIOLIN #2051253
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Contino is considered one of the great exponents of the Neapolitan school

Alfredo Contino, Naples 1944. This violin has a wonderful warm sound with depth and charm.
lob 355mm, excellent state no chips or cracks, wonderful open sweet sound, label inside, transport 69$,


#: 11752__1440

Condition:aged/used/normal wear

Title:Alfredo Contino, Naples 1944 OLD VIOLIN



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