A Greek Tanagra Terracotta Standing Figure

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A Greek Tanagra Terracotta Standing Figure

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Auction Date:2012 Jul 13 @ 10:00 (UTC-6 : CST/MDT)
Location:P.O. Box 714, Erie, Colorado, 80516, United States
So expressive! From ancient Greece, Tanagra, ca. 300-200 BC. Hollow-cast Very finely rendered lady with hair drawn up into a bun behind her head and wearing chiton and himation which she grasps at hip. She is holding a mirror in her left hand. 'Tanagras' are named after the site in Boeotia, central Greece, where thousands of similar figures were unearthed in the early 1870s. Figures of men, children and comic actors were also found at Tanagra, but standing female figures are the most numerous. The chief appeal of Tanagra figures lies in their exceptional artistic quality usually considered to be the finest of all Greek figurines. The ladies are normally depicted in casual poses and their clothes, which usually consist of a thinner undergarment, the chiton, worn beneath a thicker cloak or himation, are typically pulled and twisted in pleasing patterns which emphasize the form of the figure beneath. Most Tanagra figures are mould made and sometimes have a vent cut in the back to ensure even distribution of heat in the firing. After firing, the figure was coated in a white slip, often a solution of chalk or white clay, and then colors were added on top. The artists who produced these figures were known as coroplasts, literally 'modelers of girls.' 7"H (18 cm), head re-attached, restoration to right arm and minor repair to left side (drape hanging below hand) .

Provenance: Ex-private New York Collection.

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