W. C. Fields

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W. C. Fields

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Auction Date:2010 May 12 @ 10:00 (UTC-5 : EST/CDT)
Location:5 Rt 101A Suite 5, Amherst, New Hampshire, 03031, United States
ALS - Autograph Letter Signed
ANS - Autograph Note Signed
AQS - Autograph Quotation Signed
AMQS - Autograph Musical Quotation Signed
DS - Document Signed
FDC - First Day Cover
Inscribed - “Personalized”
ISP - Inscribed Signed Photograph
LS - Letter Signed
SP - Signed Photograph
TLS - Typed Letter Signed
TLS signed “The Continental One,” three pages, 8 x 10, personal letterhead, September 12, 1939. Fields writes to his mistress Carlotta Monti, whom he refers to as “Katrincka.” In part: “You must make up your own mind. If you are assured the man you are going to marry can take care of you in your old age and that is what you most desire, you should go ahead. I have given deep thought of how to protect one’s self from poverty in old age but have never found a solution. When I get an idea and analyse [sic] it thoroughly, I always find so many things can happen…Nothing is certain but death.

Is the gentleman you intend to marry financially solvent? Can he take care of you when he gets old like me? How long have you been keeping company with him, or did he ask you to marry him when you met him first time last evening in the elevator? Why didn’t you let me know about him before? I might have been able to give you some advice. This is all so sudden … Is the gentlemen [sic] in question the one that happens to be just the handsomest thing anyone ever saw, who has the nice wife and was it two children, and you didn’t give a fig for him at that time? I remember you speaking of him while you were on here. I hope he or whoever it is will appreciate your kindness and that great love which you inherit from your Mother.

No matter what you decide to do, I have you now set in my will for about $25,000, one automobile and a cut in all my belongings, include my writings. Spending about $25.00 per week this would keep you twenty-five years. Now that I know your intentions, I will make it in weekly payments of $25.00 or $30.00 a week so that no P.I. or confidence man can rook you out of more than that amount at a time … Now bear up because we all have our little upsets. Me for instance. Just now Uncle Whiskers in Washington is suing me for $56,500 back income tax; the Citrin suit comes up tomorrow and Loyd Wright and Millikan are giving me the absent treatment. I can get no word from them or to them. I have my what seems like an unsolvable problem at Universal. My friend, Mr. Cowan, had double-crossed me eight different ways.” In fine condition, with paperclip impression to top left of each page, and some light creasing and wrinkling.

Pre-certified PSA/DNA and RRAuction COA.