[1979] Russia. Pattern 10 Rubles, 1836-

Currency:USD Category:Coins & Paper Money Start Price:25,000.00 USD Estimated At:50,000.00 - 60,000.00 USD
[1979] Russia. Pattern 10 Rubles, 1836-
<Our item number 79862><B><FONT COLOR="#FF0000">Russia.</FONT> Pattern 10 Rubles, 1836-SPB.</B> Bitkin-H825; Sev-424; Fr-153. By Gube. Nicholas I. Conjoined busts of Czar Nicholas I and Czarina Alexandra facing left. <I>Reverse:</I> Value and date within a beaded circle with legend around. Friedberg lists a mintage of 36 pieces and all were likely struck as proofs, as we believe this coin is. They were possibly intended as mementos for distribution to family and friends of the imperial court. Nicholas I acceded to the throne in 1825 after the death of his older brother Alexander I who died childless. Grand Duke Constantine, Paul I&#39;s second son, who was next in the line of succession had secretly renounced the throne in 1822 after marrying a Polish aristocrat and the resulting confusion led to a military conspiracy against Nicholas, the so-called Decembrist Uprising, which he suppressed ruthlessly. Nicholas married Frederica Louisa Charlotta Wilhelmina, daughter of King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia, b ecoming Alexandra Feodorovna, and had seven children with her. He died on February 18, 1855 and some historians believe he committed suicide by poison after receiving news of the defeat of Russian forces at the Battle of Evpatoria during the Crimean War. This coin&#39;s designer, Heinrich Gube &#40;his name at the truncation of the Nicholas bust&#41; had worked in Berlin with the Loos firm and in 1830 was appointed by imperial edict to the position of Chief Engraver & Medallist at the Saint Petersburg Mint. He produced many important coins and medals during his tenure and his life like rendering of the imperial couple on this 10 Rubles attest to his considerable talent as an engraver. <B>Extremely Rare; Bitkin R3, with 4 to 9 pieces estimated to be extant</B>. <B>PCGS graded MS-62.</B> <BR>Estimated Value &#36;50,000-60,000. <I><BR>The Dr. Robert D. Hesselgesser Collection.</I> <BR><BR>Our item number 79862<BR><IMAGES><P ALIGN="CENTER"><IMG SRC=" gs/079862.jpg"> <BR><IMG SRC=""> </P></IMAGES> <BR><DIV ALIGN="CENTER"> <TABLE> <TR> <TD><IMG SRC=""></TD> <TD> 350 South Beverly Drive Suite 350<BR> Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA<BR> Telephone: 310-551-2646<BR> Fax: 310-551-2626<BR> E-Mail: <A HREF="mailto:brian@goldbergcoins.com"> info@goldbergcoins.com </TD> </TR> </TABLE> <font color=red> <h3>There is a 20% commission charge added to each and every lot.</h3></font> <P>We are one of the country's premier auction houses, specializing in U.S., World and Ancient Coins and Currency; Autographs; Manuscripts; Rare Books and other Fine Collectibles. Dedicated to quality of product and customer service, we guarantee authenticity of all items sold for their full purchase price. </P> <P>Our office will answer inquiries about lots (e-mail only, please) from 9-5 (Pacific Time) Monday through Friday. </P> <a href=http://PayPalSucks.com><img border=0 src=http://PayPalSucks.com/images/logo.gif></a> <p align=center> <font face=Arial size=2>Pay for this auction online with Western Union<sup>®</sup> Auction Payments<sup><font size=2>SM</font></sup></font> <BR><BR> <a href="http://www.auctionpayments.com/" target="_blank"><img border=0 src="http://www.auctionpayments.com/images/banners/banner1.gif" alt="Western Union Auction Payments"></a> </p> <P>Bidpay payment items will be sent upon reciept of check from Western Union. These payments may take up to ten days to get to us. We accept MasterCard, Visa up to $5000 dollars, personal checks, cashiers checks and money orders on all items. When using a credit card, please include account number, expiration date, billing and shipping address and eBay lot number. <B>Successful California bidders must pay 8.25% sales tax. This tax charge may not appear on your invoice until we are notified of purchasers address.</B> All credit card transactions are subject to additional verification. Shipping charges will not be quoted until notification of purchasers address. </P> <P>We are members of the American Numismatic Association, Professional Numismatists Guild, International Autograph Dealers Alliance, Universal Autograph Collectors Club and the Manuscript Society. View our auction catalogs and consignment offers at: <A HREF="http://www.goldbergcoins.com"> www.goldbergcoins.com. </P> <TABLE> <TR> </TR> <TR> <TD ALIGN="CENTER"> <TABLE> <TR> <TD WIDTH="20%" ALIGN="CENTER" VALIGN="TOP"><IMG SRC="http://www.goldbergcoins.com/images/png1.gif" ALT="Member PNG" width=50 height=65>
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