British Queen Anne Dog-Lock Sea Service Musket

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British Queen Anne Dog-Lock Sea Service Musket
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British Sea Service musket with 1711 dated lock plate. The lock has a flat dog-lock with pointed tip secured by three side nails, flat face, ring-neck, hammer and flat face hammer catch. The back edge of the hammer is notched to receive the hammer catch. The lock has an integral faceted flash pan with no bridle. The frizzen or steel has a flat top and the feather spring has a spear pointed finial. The face of the lock is crudely engraved with the "Crown/AR" Royal Cypher of Queen Anne (1702-1714) and stamped with the date "11" (1711) at the tip. The musket has the distinctive brass flat-faced three-screw Sea Service sidepiece. The iron trigger has a distinct curl at the tip. The simple brass trigger guard has a bulbous front tip and a plain lower finial and is secured by two screws. The round barrel has a turned breech and rectangular tang. The barrel has an iron crescent -shaped, foresight that serves as a stud for a socket bayonet. The barrel is attached to the stock by three pins. The tang screw is located in front of the trigger. The left side of the barrel is stamped with what appears to be a "Crown/P" proof or inspection mark and the numeral "1" is stamped on the center of the barrel ahead of the tang. The stock is the early 1703 Pattern that has been shortened about 4-inches to accept a socket bayonet. The stock has two brass ramrod pipes and a flat bottom brass buttplate with simple rounded toe. The bottom of the buttplate has a period brass reinforcement that has been nailed to the original buttplate. A crude anchor approximately 3 1/2-inches long and 2-inches high is carved on the left side of the stock. The stock appears to have been painted black. The stock lacks the swelled forearm and elaborate carved apron found on early Long Land Pattern Brown Bess Muskets. The musket is fitted with a wooden ramrod with rounded tip. The consigner notes that this musket is pictured in "BORDERS AWAY Vol. I" on page 160.
BBL: 46 Inch
Stock: walnut
Gauge: 75
Finish: brown
Serial Number: NSN
Condition: Good. The barrel has a smooth, dark brown patina with no significant flash pitting. The markings on the breech are only partially legible. The lock plate, hammer, catch and pan have a smooth, dark brown patina with minimal pitting. The Royal Cypher is crudely executed but fully legible. The "11" date on the lock tip is sharp. The stock is in good overall condition and has no cracks or repairs. The stock retains a substantial portion of the black paint used on the stocks of Sea Service muskets. The carved anchor of the left side of the butt is crisp. The brass trigger guard and ramrod finials retain most of the original black paint. The bottom of the buttplate has an attractive patina. The ramrod is worn and appears to be a period piece. This is a good, apparently original, example of a rare British Dog-Lock Sea Service Musket.