This is a public and mail bid auction conducted jointly by La Galerie Numismatique of Lausanne, Switzerland and Vilmar Collectibles, Big Indian, NY, USA (Galnum-Vilmar). Bidding in this auction constitutes full acceptance of the present conditions of sale.

Art. 1 - The property in the catalogue is offered for sale by Galnum-Vilmar on behalf of itself and other owners. We reserve the right to reject any bid, to determine the opening price, to set bidding increments, to vary the order of the auction, to reopen bidding if there is a dispute, to bid on behalf of Galnum-Vilmar or any one of our consigners, and to permit the consigner to bid on his own lots.

Art. 2 - A 22.5 % Buyer’s Fee will be added to the hammer price.

Art. 3 - All the information and descriptions appearing in the catalogue are given with full knowledge and conscience. No claims will be accepted after the sale. All bidders are encouraged to examine the material in person.

Art. 4 - Payments may be settled in US Dollars or Euro, the exchange rates to be settled upon agreement of method of payment.

Art. 5 - Invoices are payable upon receipt. Interest and late fees of 3.0 % per month shall be payable on invoices not settled within 15 days from the auction date. Payment may be made by cash, money orders, or check drawn on US bank or bank wire. Payment by major credit cards may also be made but at an additional 4% surcharge.

Art. 6 - Applicable sales tax will be charged to those individuals not filing a valid resale certificate or those taking possession of their purchases at the sale.

Art. 7 - Postage, handling and insurance are all the responsibility of the buyer, including any customs charges that may be incurred on material sent overseas. Foreign buyers are solely responsible for complying with all customs regulations. Shipping is at the expense and risk of the buyer; handling, insurance and credit card charges will be added to invoices. Large lots, such as medals groups or multiple coin lots, may be quite heavy and thus will incur substantial shipping charges – kindly be aware of this factor when bidding.

Art. 9 - Bidders unknown to us must provide satisfactory credit references or pay a deposit determined at our discretion before bidding. Bids from minors will only be accepted if accompanied by written parental consent and guarantee.

Art. 10 - Title does not pass until lots are paid in full. Upon receipt of lots buyer assumes all responsibility for loss or damage. Delivery to the buyer’s address of record shall constitute receipt by the buyer, regardless of the identity of the person accepting the delivery.

Art. 11 - The prices indicated in the catalogue are starting prices in US dollars ($ US) and bids must be in even dollar amounts. No bids below this starting price will be accepted. Any bids that do not conform will be reduced down to an appropriate amount. Bidding increments will be determined by the auctioneer who retains absolute discretion to advance the bidding, divide, combine or withdraw one or more lots from the sale. The lot is awarded to the bidder with the highest offer. Floor bids must be spoken aloud or made by clear signs expressing unequivocally the wishes of the bidder. The auctioneer reserves the right to refuse offers coming from unknown bidders. In the event of a dispute, the auctioneer has the right to cancel previous bids and reopen the lot.

Art. 12 - Written bids will be executed by the auctioneer with care and at no additional cost. Any telephone bids prior to the sale must be confirmed in writing.

Art. 13 - The auction is conducted in accordance with NY City regulation 21.

Art. 14 - All bidders are responsible for the purchases made under their name and guarantee payment for their successful bids, including bidders executing commission bids from other parties. Bidders accepting to act as agents for other parties assume all responsibility for payment. All bidders are responsible for errors in bidding, so kindly verify your bids.

Art. 15 - If a bidder does not make payment within 15 days, Galnum-Vilmar reserves the right to cancel the sale and resell the material, and the bidder agrees to pay any difference between the resale price and the original successful bid.

Art. 16 - Bidders waive any claim for incidental, consequential or exemplary damages arising from this auction.

Art. 17 - Any dispute regarding this auction shall be governed by the laws of New York State and shall be adjudicated in a civil court of record for New York City.

Art. 18 - In the event of a dispute, the English version of these Auction Terms shall be definitive.

All written bids must be received by 3 PM, Saturday, January 13, to insure proper execution.

All Ebay auction bids must be placed by 11:59 PM, Saturday, January 13.

Grading For Medals

I Excellent Condition

II Very fine condition

III Fine condition

IV worn or poor condition

V very poor condition, significant damage

(-) minus and (+) plus allow an accurate description of the condition.

Please note that in the catalogue description for medals and orders if the terms AU (gold) and AR (silver) are not mentioned, it means that the pieces are not in precious metals.

Grades of Preservation for Coins

I Proof

II UNC Uncirculated Stempelfrisch Fleur de Coin Fior di conio

III EF Extremely Fine Vorzüglich Superbe Splendido

IV VF Very Fine Sehr schön Très beau Belissimo

V F Fine Schön Beau Molto bello

General Note on Photographs and Digital Images

1. The pictures of coins are to scale, with enlargements so indicated. The pictures of objects are generally reduced, so please check the dimensions carefully. The medals are generally illustrated to scale (1:1) unless otherwise indicated – medal groups are reduced.

2. Although all efforts have been made to reproduce color faithfully please note that image color may vary from that of the actual coin or object.

3. Some pieces show marks of reflected light in the enamel which could be considered as slight damages. If these damages of the lots are not mentioned, the objects are faultless.