1. NO WARRANTY: ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD AS IS, WHERE IS, WITHOUT GUARANTEE OF ANY KIND. The descriptions of items appearing in advertising prior to this auction are believed to be correct. Nevertheless, neither those descriptions nor any oral statements made by the Owner (or his agents or officers) or the Auctioneers (or his agents or officers) concerning any item shall be construed as a warranty, either expressed or implied. It is the bidder’s responsibility to determine age, condition, genuineness, value and other attributes of the property. Property is open to thorough public inspection. Bidders who bid from off-site and are not present at the live auction understand and acknowledge that they may not be able to inspect an item as well as if they examined it in person. Pictures are for reference only! United Country – Shobe Auction & Realty shall not be responsible for errors and omissions in the description of any item(s). The auction company may attempt to describe the property in advertisement, on the internet, or at the auction but make no representations. In no event shall United Country - Shobe Auction & Realty be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. BIDDER SHALL BE THE SOLE JUDGE OF VALUE. I, the Bidder, have examined/ reviewed this merchandise and accept it.

2. DISPUTES: The Auctioneers shall designate the winning bidder after each item is auctioned. If a dispute arises between two or more bidders, the Auctioneer reserves the right to reopen bidding. The Auctioneer's designation of a buyer shall be final.

3. BUYER'S RESPONSIBILITY: After a bidder has won the bid with his/her high bid, they have become the new owners of the item, even though they may not have paid for the item yet. The item becomes the full and sole responsibility of the Buyer at this point, and Buyer assumes all risk of loss and damage. The Auction Company or Seller is not responsible to provide any type of protection or insurance on the item(s).

4. INJURY AND DAMAGE: Bidder acknowledges responsibility for any personal injury or property damage caused by the Bidder or his Agent, and further agrees to hold Auctioneers harmless from any personal injury to himself or his Agents and any property damage incurred on auction premises.

5. BIDDING & PRE-BIDDING: United Country Shobe Auction & Realty is providing internet pre-auction and live bidding as a service to bidders. Bidders acknowledge and understand that this service may or may not function correctly the day of the auction. Under no circumstances shall a bidder have any claim against United Country - Shobe Auction & Realty or anyone else if the internet service fails to operate correctly before or during the live auction. United Country Shobe Auction & Realty will not be responsible for any missed bids from any source. Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bids are acknowledged should use the ICollector pre-bidding feature allowing them to leave their maximum bid 24 hours before the auction begins. United Country Shobe Auction & Realty reserves the right to withdraw or re-catalog any items in an auction.

6. AGENTS ONLY: The Auctioneers are acting as the Owner's Agents only.
I have read the bidder terms and conditions and hereby agree to the above terms and conditions of the auction.

7. United Country Shobe Auction & Realty has the right to accept or deny bidders from attending their auctions, both in person and online. The Auction Company also has the right to select which items are to be sold online. The Bidder understands that there may be some items which are offered to onsite Bidders that are not offered online.

8. Online bidders agree and understand that they will not be invoiced and may not be able to pay until the entire, onsite auction is over. All purchases will be charged to your credit card immediately following the auction. Any other payment arrangement must be arranged and approved by the auction company a minimum of 48 hours prior to the auction.

9. Neither the Auctioneer nor Consignor make any representations whatsoever that the Buyer of a work of art will acquire any reproductions rights thereto.

10. FIREARMS: All modern firearms (post 1898) will be sold in compliance with Federal and State Firearms Laws. A $25 transfer fee will be charged to the buyer for each Long Gun, which does not include shipping and insurance. The buyer is responsible for all shipping and insurance charges. A $50 fee will be charged to the buyer for each Hand Gun, which includes shipping and insurance. All firearms will be shipped by a licensed FFL (The Sports Center, Lewitsown, MT) to a licensed FFL. GUNS WILL NOT BE SHIPPED TO CALIFORNIA. It is the responsibility of the buyer to fax or email his/her license and shipping information to Shobe Auction. Fax#: 406-538-8666.

11. Buyer's Premium: 18%
12. Sales Tax: Zero (0)