Buyer's Premium: 15%
Processing Fee: 2.5% (we only accept credit cards, debit cards, EFT/ACH transfers, and PayPal - no cash or checks)
Online Fee: 2.5% (if you bid and win with us online, this fee will automatically be assessed on your winning invoice following the close of the sale)

Fine print:

All sales are final. All items are listed as is and where is. You must reach out to us with questions prior to placing a bid. You assume full responsibility of an item once you bid on it and win it. Local inspection and preview by appointment only. Otherwise, preview online is now open and ready for inspection. Please email us at or call 1-833-409-8757 with questions.

Items that cannot be claimed or shipped within 30 days become the property of Weatherham's for disposal or relisting. You may of course pay a 15% of hammer price as a relisting fee for Weatherham's to relist and reconsign the item on your behalf. This will be at the winning bidder's sole discretion within these 30 days of the sale and payment of an item. Consignor paperwork will be provided as requested.

Payment Methods:
All bids are final and cards on file will be charged within 48-hours of the close of the sale. No discount for cash or check at pickup will be provided. Payment via ACH, wire, or PayPal are also accepted means of payment. Payment by mailed check constitutes a delay of shipping your won items by nearly two weeks, allowing time to receive, deposit, and clear the check. Please do not pay by check for this reason.

Deposit: A $50 hold deposit on your credit card at registration is often required to establish earnest interest in this sale. This is not a charge. We simply make sure your credit card is valid in this way much like a car rental company checks the validity of your card when you register to rent a car.

It can take 2-3 weeks to receive an item won at auction. Once paid, we work very hard to coordinate the logistics of getting the item into your possession but depending on the location of the merchandise relative to your own location this can take longer. It may be helpful for you to check into freight or shipping information for an item prior to placing a bid on it.

Shipping on small items (those items less than 2 feet in the longest dimension and weighing less than 40 lbs) is available. We automatically calculate shipping fees for one items following an auction. You may pay for our quote and we will handle on your behalf or you may arrange your own shipping. You may have this shipping fee removed from your invoice by simply emailing us and arranging your own pickup or delivery.

Larger items (those items larger than 24" or weighing more than 41 pounds) may need to be picked up locally or arrange for local pickup or your own freight using a service like uShip. We can help coordinate logistics but the primary responsibility for claiming your new possession(s) is on you, the winning bidder.

If you wish us to hold an item for you beyond the complimentary 30-day grace period, a $5/day storage fee will apply to that lot on a contractual storage basis to be agreed to and entered into at that time. You must sign the necessary paperwork prior to the expiration of your 30-day grace period though.

Under no circumstance except for fraud or gross listing error may an item be returned to Weatherham's. In the case that an item is authorized to be returned to Weatherham's, store credit in the amount of that item's sale shall be applied to that bidder's account until Weatherham can make a final determination on the case through third-party appraisal arbitration and/or direct review.

Best of luck and let us know of any questions prior to placing a bid.