Please contact about shipping and payment methods after conclusion of auction . Please contact us within 5 days of auction close. This is important to reserve your winnings with our sponsors.
Elite Caribbean package must book by Dec.20,2021. You may travel years 2021/2022. Elite
Caribbean packages will have a mandatory all inclusive and deposit date guarantee that will be paid to Elite resort. This nightly fee is per night/ per person it will include your meals,beverages, snacks,resort activities and service charges. These vacation will be mentioned in the item description box.
After payment arrangements will be made to redeem your items.
Please be advise for your protection a sponsor may ask for a deposit to guarantee your reservation. Catena Safaris require a deposit to hold your reservations.,
You will be notified about redeeming after auction close.
All items are subject to availability. Some items can be only shipped to U.S. or Canada address. Shipping cost will be calculated by zip code.
For certain items 1-3 lbs there is a flat rate of ground shipping of $9 within Mainland U.S. and $15 Priority. Items over 3 lbs your rate will be calculated according to zip code. We can also combine items for cheaper shipping cost. These items will be described in the item box if it does not qualify for flat rate shipping. Outside Mainland U.S. your shipping rate will be calculated.
Please note that conditions can always change on our items if donors change their terms. Please note that items are subject to availability..
No Refunds if we can not get another bidder to take your win. If a item is not available we will ask if you want a replacement that is similar.For Elite Packages there is a high Peak season per person /per night for Dec.21- Jan.03 and Feb.1-24
Palm Island High Peak ends in April.