PLEASE READ ALL OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS PRIOR TO REGISTRATION AND BIDDING: As a registered bidder within this auction, you hereby accept the terms and conditions within. This is a legal document that affects your legal rights and is legally binding for all lots that you are awarded as the highest bidder within this auction.
BIDDING/BUYERS PREMIUM: "ALL BIDS ARE BINDING". If you are the highest bidder, you immediately become the legal owner. A buyer's premium will be added to each item sold per the buyer's premium advertised. Human bidding error does not alleviate your responsibility as a winning bidder, so please bid responsibly.
WARRANTIES: Pangaea Auctions does not provide warranties or guarantees to any lot listed in the auction. We are not experts so we describe our items to the best of our ability by incorporating research from our curators, internet, books and other sources. Our descriptions are simply suggestions and we do not make any claims to the representations of the quality, origin, value, marketability, authenticity, or age of any lots. It is the responsibility of the bidder at his/her discretion and expense to determine the market value of the lots within our auction prior to placing a bid. All lots are sold as is and non-refundable.
ARBITRATION: All disputes that cannot be resolved between the bidder and seller will be determined by the State of Florida. Buyer expressly agrees to such Arbitration, and gives up his/her constitutional right to have any such dispute decided in a court of law before a jury. Such arbitration award shall be final and binding and may be taken to a court of competent jurisdiction and judgment may be entered thereon. As a bidder you are agreeing that all issues/disputes will be determined through an arbitrator and that you are giving up your right to take the dispute to a court trial. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, bidder agrees to a three arbiter panel with arbitrators from the American Arbitrator Association. As a bidder, by placing a bid during this auction, you agree to ALL of the terms and conditions within this document.
DAMAGES: Unpaid invoices greater than 7 days after received by the bidder's via email or auction account will accrue damages. Damages will be incurred daily. The invoice and damages will be sent to a 3rd party collections agency. Damages are defined as Buyers Premium, $50 per lot listing fee, $25 per lot daily storage fee, and 100% of Pangaea Auctions legal fees. Bidding on an item creates a legal binding contract and the bidder agrees to full liability of these damages."
SHIPPING: All shipping costs will be paid 100% by the bidder. Fedex is our primary shipper and is fully covered by our insurance. Pangaea Auctions is not liable for any other form of shipping requested by the bidder. All non-Fedex shipments will be coordinated by the bidder and the private shipping company for pickup. Pangaea Auctions will charge a transportation fee for delivery to any non-Fedex shipper. Shipping costs will include packaging, insurance, transportation, and applicable handling fees. Pangaea Auctions requires shipping insurance on all lots, and therefore is not liable for any damage during shipping. All shipping disputes/claims will be handled between the shipping company and the bidder and must be emailed to within 24 hours of signed delivery or the dispute/claim will be denied without exception. Pangaea Auctions is not liable for shipping disputes/claims but will help coordinate the dispute/claim process if emailed within the 24hr claim period. Bidder's are responsible for any additional shipping costs associated with an insurance dispute/claim.
PAYMENTS: Buyer is responsible for full payment of invoice, shipping, and fees prior to the release of shipment. Payment must be made in U.S. Dollars through the auction platform or our secure Bank of America payment options. NO CHECKS, we do not accept checks or money orders or PayPal. Credit card payment chargebacks are not allowed and your agreement to these terms and conditions waives all chargeback options through your Credit Card company. In the event you file a chargeback with your credit card company to reverse or invalidate a processed payment, Pangaea Auctions will provide these Terms And Conditions as evidence of your agreement to waive your right to make a chargeback through your Credit Card company. All of Pangaea Auctions legal fees associated with the challenge of a chargeback will be paid 100% by the bidder.