1. By submitting your bid, you agree that: You have read and agree with the Terms and Conditions below and the and you agree to pay a buyer's premium of up to 19.0%.
2. "1AUCTIO" acts as agent for sellers of items to be offered for auction.
3. "1AUCTIO" will produce a Catalogue for auction. All information provided in the Catalogue are solely for the purpose of information for buyers and are in no way to be construed as obligation on behalf of "1AUCTIO". All property is sold "as is", and neither "1AUCTIO" nor the seller makes any express or implied warranty or representation as to the condition of any lot offered for sale, and no statement made at any time, whether oral or written, shall constitute such warranty or representation. Descriptions or conditions are not warranties. The descriptions of the conditions of articles in this catalogue, including all references to damages or repairs, are provided as a service to interested persons and do not negate this paragraph. Accordingly, all lots should viewed by prospective buyers to evaluate the condition of the property offered for sale.
4. To order to participate in the auction, a purchaser must obtain a numbered paddle before the auction which will enable him to bid at the auction.
5. The auction is conducted in US dollars
6. The commission per lot will be 19% of the hammer price. The Hammer Price shall be paid by the Purchaser together with a commission and VAT. VAT is included in the 19% buyers premium.
7. Payment shall be effected immediately upon the conclusion of the auction but, at any event, not later than four days after the date of the auction. If you fail to pay within 5 days, we will charge your credit card the total amount on your invoice.
8. Payment can be made via VISA and MASTER CARD credit cards.
9. All sales are final.