ALL BIDDERS agree and accept and comply with all terms and conditions outlined in this auction. Auctioneer assumes all bidders have fully read and understand terms and conditions outlined below.

Bids may be made in person, if you cannot attend in person, you may send us your bids by email, mail, fax, phone or you can bid on our website, either up to 2 weeks prior to the sale or by bidding online during the live session.
If you would like to bid online, please first register prior to the auction live event (follow the link on our website).
Bidders may register in any of the following ways; Attend the Live auction event and fill out a bidder’s card, by Internet registration, by mail or fax, Email or phone, a full bid sheet must be completed and received by auctioneer by 5pm the Friday before the auction.

The opening bid for all lots will commence at 10% above the second highest bid received or the consignor’s reserve (whichever is higher).
All mail bids received prior to the live auction will be lowered whenever possible (so don’t be afraid to put down your maximum bid!!) All lots will be started at either the consignor’s reserve or 50% of the estimate. Key Date and higher graded material generally will command a closing price close to or above the estimated price. If you place a bid of about 80% of the estimate you should have a good chance of winning the lot, while a bid of 100% of the estimate you will likely win the lot.

All prices are in Canadian Funds. Bidding in this auction will be in Canadian Funds. Mail bids received from USA customers will be converted to CDN funds using the rate on the auction’s date.

All decisions by the Auctioneer are final and are made at the sole discretion of the Auctioneer. Colonial Acres Auctions is acting as an agent between the Consignor's and the winning buyer. We the Auctioneer disclaims all responsibility and liabilities that may be connected to the sale of any items within our Auction. By agreeing to these terms you the bidder agrees to accept any damages, and or losses that may come from the purchase of an item in this sale.
NO Unlimited Bids, or Buy Bids are accepted.

The estimates given are taken from Charlton catalogues, Canadian Coin News, Ebay sales, Canadian Coin News trends, Canadian Dealer Newsletter retail prices, Krause publications, and ICCS Cornwell, NGC, PCGS Census.

Colonial Acres Auctions will attempt to represent all items to the best of their knowledge. We cannot be held responsible for our opinion provided to you in this auction or the opinion of any third party grading services represented in this Auction. Grading is subjective to personal opinions, in many cases Third party grading services will be represented in our auction, these grades may differ from professional opinions, and thus we assume that all bidders have fully viewed the items in the auction and accept the condition represented prior to bidding. We cannot accept responsibility and waive all liability resulting in financial losses, and or incidentals accruing from the sale of any items, nor can we guarantee that items graded by third party services will grade the same if submitted to a different grading service, or re-submitted to the same company. Returns of items will not be accepted.

Identical Bids:
In the event of an Identical Bid, the Auctioneer will give the winning bid to the first received bid.

Bidding advances:
In the case of multiple Mail bids or other non-floor Bids, the Auctioneer with open the live bidding to the floor at 10% above the highest received bid to the floor. In cases where no previous bids have been received the Auctioneer reserves the right to open the lot at a value to their discretion, typically 50% of the estimate is used in cases where no pre-set reserve price has been set by the consignor and Auctioneer. If no bids are received for a lot at the opening rate the auctioneer reserves the right to accept or decline called out floor bids or close that lot and move on to the next. Any bids placed by a consignor and or an agent representing you on your own consignments are still subject to the full buyers premiums and commission rates agreed by you and the auctioneer.

All Bidders are held responsible for their own bids, any errors in calculations and or lots numbers is considered a final bid. Please double check your calculations and lot numbers before signing and submitting bid sheets to us.

In the case of a discrepancy between bids after the hammer has fallen, all decisions made by the auctioneer are final and not negotiable, in some cases that deemed necessary a lot may be re-opened and if you were the previous high bidder you may need to bid again to win the lot.

All bidders agree to pay the following Buyers Premiums otherwise known as the “Hammer” fee’s that is applied to all winning bids.
*Note: Regular buyers premium will apply for the following types of payments received: Cash, Certified Cheque, Debit Card, Wire Transfers, E-transfers, or wire transfer into our CIBC Account 2804719, Transfer #06052. We do accept Paypal or Credit Card as payment, but there will be an extra 3% surcharge added to the buyer’s premium.

Internet Bids 15% (18% with Credit Card)
Mail/Email/Fax 15% (18% with Credit Card)
Telephone 15% (18% with Credit Card)

No taxes will be charged for items delivered outside of Canada. Taxes will be applied for all Canadian residents for applicable items. All bidders agree to pay the rates outlined below.

13% HST is applied for all residents from ON, NB, NFLD
14% PEI, 15% NS
5% GST is applied for all other Provinces. AB, BC, MB, NWT, Nunavut, QC, SK, YK

ALL LOTS MUST BE PAID FOR IN FULL PRIOR TO SHIPPING. All bidders agree to make payments in full in Canadian Funds as per the invoiced amount at the conclusion of the auction. All Purchases made in US Funds will be accepted at 2% below the days posted exchange rates. No Items will be released or delivered to any bidder until payment is received in full. The Auctioneer reserves the right to request up to 25% deposits prior to bidding on certain lots deemed necessary by the sole discretion of the Auctioneer. Any deposited collected that cannot be applied to winning bids will be refunded back to the bidder within 48 hours of the conclusion of the auction. We cannot be held responsible or liable for refunds that are delayed by banking institutions. If you require special payment conditions these must be presented to the Auctioneer and accepted prior to bidding. A 2% Interest rate will be applied for all non-payments exceeding 30 days of the conclusion of the auction. An Additional 24% interest rate will be applied per annum for any overdue accounts not paid in full by the stated terms of sale.

All bidders and or agents registered on behalf of a bidder authorize the auctioneer to bill the credit card registered with the auction event for the full amount of all purchases made by a registered bidding account if payments are not made within the terms of sale. The bidder and or Agents agrees that any deposits made will be forfeited and applied to the amount owing .

Shipping will be calculated and added on to the final invoice amount. Any duties incurred for shipping to U.S. residents is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

You may pick-up lots from the auction event once payment has been received and approved, as well you may make arrangements to pick your auction lots at Colonial Acres in Kitchener up to 7 days after the auction has concluded. Please call to make special arrangements to have your auction lots ready for Pick-up.
All shipments will be shipped with Tracking numbers, shipments being shipped outside of Canada are at the sole responsibility and risk of the purchaser.

Returns will only be accepted by the auctioneer in the case of an error in our listing, and or a misattributed item (NO RETURNS on bulk lots or any lot that contains more than 6 items). All returns must be received back within 7 days of receiving your winning lots. Return lots must be in all original packaging and condition as sold in auction, any items that have been opened or altered in any way will be void any return privileges. Any disputes regarding lots that are not brought to the auctioneer’s attention within 28 days will forfeit all rights to return your items under any circumstances.

All floor bids are deemed as Final and no returns will be accepted under no circumstances to a floor bidder, or his/hers agents representing your bid.
Incidentals: In the event of an unexpected power failure and or internet service failure that cannot be resolved in a timely manner, or in the event of extreme weather or acts of God outside the control of the auctioneer. We the auctioneer have the sole right to end the Auction event at any time for any reasons deemed reasonable by the auctioneer.

The Auctioneer reserves the right to make any amendments to the Terms of sale by either a verbal announcement at the time of the auction event or by a posted message on the auction website.

The Auctioneer will exercise to the best of their power to insure all items being sold in the auction are described and photographed to the best of their knowledge. We cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions that may occur in either the Catalogue, internet or verbal statements.