Sultanates : Madura Sultanat

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Sultanates : Madura Sultanat
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Jalal al Din Ahsan Shah, Gold Tanka, Hadrat Madhura Mint, AH 736, 11.04g, Obv: Persian legend “Afzal al-Yaseen Khalifath Rabb al Alameen Jalal al-Dunya wa al Din” in circle, Mint and Date in margin, Rev: Persian legend “Abu al-Dhua’afa wa al-Misakeen Ahsan Shah al-Sultan Khulidat Khilafatahu” (Not listed in G&G). Brilliant uncirculated, exceedingly rare.
Ahsan Shah was the first sultan to break off from the Delhi Sultanate in the south. The Sultanate was short-lived and it succumbed to Vijayanagara Empire in about fifty years. The mint-name on this coin is inscribed as ‘Madhura’ which was the Sanskrit form of the Tamil name ‘Madurai’. Ibn Batuta, the famous traveller was at the court of Ahsan Shah and even married his daughter. He describes this coin-type in his account, although the legend he provides in his description is a variation of what is seen on this coin. No coins corroborating this description were known till recently, when a few pieces turned up. His titles ‘Abu al-Dhua’afa wa al-Misakeen’ (Father of the weak and the destitute) is unique in the repertoire of titulature held by Indian sultans.