Steve Ditko original artwork for The Amazing Spider-Man #6 Page 21.

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Steve Ditko original artwork for The Amazing Spider-Man #6 Page 21.
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16. Steve Ditko original artwork for The Amazing Spider-Man #6 Page 21. (Marvel 1963) Accomplished in pencil and ink on 13.75 x 20.25 in. large comic art stock. From the very dawn of the Silver-Age of Marvel Comics comes this historic page from Amazing Spider-Man #6. We can't even count how many times this very issue has been reprinted, being one of the most well-remembered of the first few issues of Spider-Man ever. It's hard enough to find original Steve Ditko art from Amazing Spider-Man, but from one of the first few issues? Near impossible. Here is an extremely rare opportunity to do just that. This was a period of time when co-creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko were still first developing Spidey' and building a gallery of supporting characters and villains for him to fight (this very issue introduces "The Lizard'). It should be noted that this specific page actually shows the second appearance of "The Vulture" in an ominous shadowy cameo in the last page end panel (as seen here with a backdrop of a "Spider-Man" web-face!). Great images also of "J. Jonah Jameson" (in classic character as his usual "jolly self" with both "Peter" and "Betty Brant"), "Liz Allen" (being rude to Peter and of course mentioning "Flash Thompson"), and even dear old "Aunt May"! A great example of early Marvel history. With extensive sensitive restoration done to the page including tear repairs and seals, 3-word balloon stats replaced, and re-affixing pieces to a backing board of comic art stock. Presents in good condition* $20,000 - $30,000

* For those in the know, the original art pages to ASM #6 were partially ripped-up by a dog when the package containing the entire book art was left unattended by a delivery person. The book was later painstakingly restored to preserve pop-culture history.