SAA Midweek Art & Jewelry Galleria

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Join us this week for a look at some of the newest and hottest items up for grabs! We have the most beautiful art pieces, jewelry, handbags, gems and so much more! You can only win if you bid! See you at the auctions!!
High End Watches, Exotic Antiques, Cars, Gold, Vintage & Collectible Coins, and Jewelry.
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Unforgettaball! "Polo Grounds" Collectable Baseball551 - Unforgettaball! "Polo Grounds" Collectable Baseball
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Unforgettaball! "Polo Grounds" Collectable Baseball. Unforgettaball! "Polo Grounds" Limited Edition Collector's Series hand-...
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Estimate : 40.00 - 50.00
Sold to floor for (25.00) = 25.00