Howard Hughes (4) personal handwritten love letters from Joan Fontaine.

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Howard Hughes (4) personal handwritten love letters from Joan Fontaine.
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93. Howard Hughes (4) personal handwritten love letters from Joan Fontaine written as her marriage to producer William Dozier crumbles. The letters, 26 pages total, were written from August 1949 through September 1950 during trips to Italy and Cyprus. Some excerpts: Darling Howard - either you should be with me or out of my life entirely. - I DREAM of you every night - almost... I miss you - I'm not just a little intrigued by you - and I desperately need a little bit of comfort and a soft shoulder to lean on. Have I at least one shoulder of yours?... Hope you're so damned busy you haven't time to see all those gals every night - but not too busy so that you don't think of me just occasionally. Howard, Howard, Howard - could it be I love you a little?...I hated our telephone conversation in every way... Wedged into that went something about whether I'd been on a binge or was someone in my room! Really, you are the most hopelessly suspicious guy. Why are you like that? You want to trust someone, then you defy her to be anything but honest with you. I simply couldn't live like that and I see only real, terrifying unhappiness for you. Hell! What a dog's life you lead without your trying to make it worse. I've just begun to live, I realize... You've got me scared again! This time I loved our telephone conversation and every word was very clear - especially the "come home" part of it! That's all very well, you spoiled boy, but what happens to Joan? I see it quite clearly - I come home - empty house, divided friends, no "occupational theopathy" until "September" [film "September Affair"] starts about Nov. 1st. I can't be seen with you, let's face it. You've got a lousy reputation - niebbe [sic] good for you but not the girls. No one would believe I wasn't one of your 6900 girls and there's no way to prove I'm not. (Bill does not believe I'm not one of them either, by the way.) So, then what happens? I stay home waiting all hours for you to telephone to say you got tied up and can't come over this evening? And this I do night after night like Olivia until you get bored with me or I go to the looney-bin? No, no, no - you've got the wrong girl, or rather - you just ain't got her at all. I do adore you - but I just can't see how it can work. Comes with a Western Union Telegram from Fontaine to Hughes, dated August 29, 1949 advising him, "Imperative Telephone Excelsior Rome Tonight Joan". Letters exhibit expected folds and remain in fine condition. From the personal collection of Howard Hughes. $300 - $500