Adams, John Quincy. Extraordinary autograph letter signed, Washington, 8 December 1832.

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Adams, John Quincy. Extraordinary autograph letter signed, Washington, 8 December 1832.
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2. Adams, John Quincy. Extraordinary autograph letter signed ("J.Q. Adams"), 4 pages (8 x 10 in.; 203 x 254 mm.), Washington, 8 December 1832. Written to journalist "William L. Stone, Esqr. New York" Stone of New York. In fine condition. Adams writes in part: ...The Masonic History of the last seven years, has abundantly proved, that the Oaths, Obligations and Penalties, of that Institution, produce upon the immense majority of the men to whom they are administered, and by whom they are taken, a similar partial aberration from moral principle. They lose the moral sense in every thing relating to their Masonic Obligations...This appears to me to account for the fact so portentously proved in the Morgan Murder transactions, that multitudes of men otherwise of fair characters and blameless lives were deeply and awfully implicated in that horrible Calendar of Crimes. It accounts also for the fact of that desperate adherence of so many otherwise honest men to those barbarous, absurd and abominable Oaths, Obligations and Penalties. For it is to them that the high minded men of the fraternity now declare that they will cling to the last gasp of their existence...And I ask you if an aberration of intellect, as well as of moral feeling more monstrous can be imagined, than the inflexible adherence to the determination that they will continue to swear men upon the penalties of having their throats cut from ear to ear--of cutting open the left breast and tearing out the heart and vitals, of severing the body in two, and of smiting off the skulls that they will never reveal to any one under the Canopy of Heavens Secrets, which have been divulged and proclaimed on the housetops. And this, in the name of the living God...It is believed that Freemason William Morgan of Batavia, New York was murdered in 1826 for planning to reveal the secrets of their order. The story of Morgan's murder frightened the public and lead to the formation of America's first third political party, the Anti-Masonic Party, organized in New York in 1827. $2,000 - $3,000