a) The catalogue prices are the lowest price in which a lot can be sold.
b) The lots will be awarded to the highest bidder.
c) Bids must be made in Euros (€).
d) The buyer will pay a 20% commission over the hammer’s price, tax included (VAT).
e) NO REFUNDS OR CLAIMS ARE ACCEPTABLE for the lots with several items.
f) The Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any bidding order, to withdrawn one or more lots from the Sale and to group
together two or more lots from the Sale at his discretion.
g) Property. Lots remain the property of the seller until full payment has been received, including clearance of checks and bills
of exchange.
h) The mere participation in this Sale implies that the buyer accepts the above mentioned conditions.
i) All the buyers ought to obey Spanish Fiscal and Customs Laws.
j) Any legal proceedings concerning this Sale will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Barcelona.

a) Bidding Orders must be sent to SOLER Y LLACH, c/ Beethoven 13, 08021 BARCELONA (Spain). Bidding orders can be
made for the lots on the Floor Sale or the lots on the Mail Sale only, without distinction.
b) Orders will be accepted until 15 hours of July 6th 2010. When bidding you must fill in the Order with the lot number and
the price you wish to bid. Also your personal details and the method of payment.
c) Lots are sold at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE. For example: You bid 90 Euros for a lot with a starting price of 60 Euros
and there is also another bid of 70 Euros. The lot will be sold to you at the next bid that is 75 Euros. If there are two identical
bids, the one received first is given priority.
d) The lots sold to you can be sent by CASH ON DELIVERY or by mail AFTER THE RECEPTION OF YOUR PAYMENT.
Payments can also be made BY POSTAL ORDER, BY CHECK or through a BANK TRANSFER with your name to:

IBAN ES11 2100 0918 2202 0023 3084

e) Mail and insurance expenses will be paid by the buyer.
f) Coins with faults not described in the catalogue can be returned within 10 days after the reception of the lots. Any claim after
this period of time will be rejected.
g) After 45 days of the date of the Sale, no devolution will be accepted.

a) Bidders in the Room Sale will pay and take their purchases away after the Sale or in the following 5 days, from the next day
of the Auction.
b) No refunds or claims will be accepted of lots once they have been sold by the Auctioneer.
c) The Organization reserves the right of admission to the Room Sale.
d) Telephone bids during the Sale can be arranged for those lots with a starting price over 300 Euros. The bidder is obliged
to bid for the starting price or for one more bid in case the starting price has already been covered. The Room Sale is not
responsible for the lack of telephone connection or any kind of telephone failure. In this case, the Auctioneer will cover the
starting price on behalf of the telephone bidder.