Participation in the auction implies unconditional acceptance of these present conditions of sale :

Article 1 : - The sale is executed strictly for cash in English pounds.

Nevertheless, in order to make possible a rapid execution of the sale, a coupon will be established for each purchaser. These coupons are payable at the end of each day's sale. The buyer of any lot shall provide bank references or pay the full purchased price, or a fractional deposit as may determined at the discretion of the auctioneer.

Article 2 : - The adjudication is awarded to the person who made the highest offer. Any litigation cancels the adjudication and the lot will immediately put again up of for sale.

Article 3 : - The legal bailiff or the auctioneer has absolute discretion to advance the bidding, to divide, to combine or to withdraw one or more lots from the sale.

In case wherein a reserve price has been fixed, the legal bailiff reserves to himself the right to bid for the account of the vendor. If the reserve price fixed by the vendor is not attained, he shall pass on the auctioning of the next lot, by a single tap with his hammer.

Article 4 : - The purchaser pays a supplementary tax of 23 % above the adjudicated price of each lot. The purchaser have to pay an additional tax of 17,5 % (VAT (value added tax). Purchasers domiciled abroad who submit declarations of the export of the purchased objects, stamped by the United Kingdom Customs, will receive reimbursement of 17,5 % VAT of the value of the purchases.

Article 5 : - For any delay in payment of the total amount of the purchase prices, the auction house will charge an interest of 3 % per month.

Article 6 : - All the information and descriptions appearing in the catalogue are given with full knowledge and conscience. No claims will be accepted after the sale.

Article 7 : - Every purchaser is responsible for the purchase effected in his name. He cannot contend that he had acted for the account of a third party.

Article 8 : - The prices indicated in the catalogue constitute the starting prices in British pounds. It can happen that the prices obtained may be much higher than the estimates.

Article 9 : - Higher bids must be spoken aloud or made by signs expressing unequivocally the wishes of the bidder. The legal bailiff reserves to himself the right to refuse offers coming from unknown purchasers.

Article 10 : - The amount of the bid increases is usually fixed at 10 %. However, the legal bailiff may modify those percentages subject to prior announcement.

Article 11 : - The purchase orders will be executed by the legal bailiff with care and no additional cost. They must be confirmed in writing.

Article 12 : - The profits and the risks pass to the purchaser immediately upon the adjudication. The transfer to the purchaser of the ownership of the merchandise will, however, not be effected until the purchase price has been paid in full. A 4 % surcharge will be applied to credit card payments.

Article 13 : - In the event of any contradiction between the several translations of the conditions of sale, the English text alone shall be applied.

Article 14 : - Any litigation arising out of the interpretation or execution of the present condition of sale shall be submitted by United Kingdom law and jurisdictions, under reservation of recourse to the United Kingdom Tribunal, whatever is the domicile of the purchasers.