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Qart is proud to present our first ONLINE ONLY Fine Art auction with iCollector. All AUCTIONS in this event will close online only. Each item will be sold to the highest bidder at the auction closing price.
Featured in this event are unique quality artworks including original paintings, signed and numbered limited editions, and original glass works and sculptures. A large number of these auctions start at $0 with NO RESERVE prices. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to get amazing deals online with no live bidding competition!
Jordan River1Jordan River
Quality Art Auction
Creating intricate landscapes through careful linework, Marcus Uzilevsky's works are completely unique. "Jordan River" is a limited ed...
Start Price : 150.00
Tender Shoulders2Tender Shoulders
Quality Art Auction
Displaying expressionist brushstrokes and vivid colors, Hessam Abrishami's paintings are rich with life and emotional intensity. "Tender Sh...
Start Price : 440.00
A Rambunctious Razzle Dazzle3A Rambunctious Razzle Dazzle
Quality Art Auction
Jane Wooster Scott creates scenes brimming with activity and charm. With a plethora of colors and characters Wooster Scott transports you into an ench
Start Price : 50.00
Along The Way4Along The Way
Quality Art Auction
Well-known for his intricate linework and complex designs, Guillaume Azoulay creates works of art that are both emotive and enchanting. "Along ...
Sold to sandune for (10.00 + 0.00) x 1 = 10.00
Captain America: Hail Hydra #35Captain America: Hail Hydra #3
Quality Art Auction
A piece of comic book history, this limited edition print, drawn by Adi Granov, depicts a heroic Captain America, Black Panther, and Falcon. While wor
Start Price : 360.00
Daydreaming with Teddy6Daydreaming with Teddy
Quality Art Auction
With charming details and bright color, Garmash creates artworks that are sure to be the centerpiece of any room! "Daydreaming with Teddy"...
Start Price : 790.00
Quality Art Auction
Just as you remember her in the classic Disney film, Cinderella, from Cinderella, is captured in this piece by Tricia Buchanan-Benson. "Cindere...
Start Price : 109.00
Mr. Fart Face8Mr. Fart Face
Quality Art Auction
ADD THE IRREVERENT ARTWORK OF WORLD-RENOWNED ARTIST TODD GOLDMAN TO YOUR COLLECTION! Pop artist Todd Goldman is known all across the globe for his whi
Sold to rogerdowd for (10.00 + 0.00) x 1 = 10.00
Sounding Seas9Sounding Seas
Quality Art Auction
NOW YOU CAN OWN THIS REMARKABLE SCULPTURE BY MARINE LIFE ARTIST WYLAND! Photos cannot do justice to the expert craftsmanship and spectacular detail fo
Start Price : 1,615.35
Quality Art Auction
With a fusion of cultural imagery and modernistic elements Giorgio Casu creates vibrant and eye catching works of contemporary art deeply rooted in po
Start Price : 4,785.00
Ali Punching The Beatles11Ali Punching The Beatles
Quality Art Auction
Start Price : 1,000.00
Extinction Is Forever12Extinction Is Forever
Quality Art Auction
Captivating audiences worldwide, Nelson dazzles all with his incredible use of color and depth. "Extinction Is Forever" is a fine art lith...
Start Price : 175.00
Under the Tuscan Sun13Under the Tuscan Sun
Quality Art Auction
With bright colors and lush textures, Howard Behrens' artwork adds a tropical and exotic feel to any art collection. "Under the Tuscan Sun&...
Start Price : 800.00
Untitled Original14Untitled Original
Quality Art Auction
With Brilliant brushwork and calming color compositions De Rini creates amazingly detailed works of art. This piece is an untitled original painting o
Sold to diaruss6 for (5.00 + 0.00) x 1 = 5.00
Once in a Lifetime15Once in a Lifetime
Quality Art Auction
Start Price : 49.00
From The Sun We Came16From The Sun We Came
Quality Art Auction
Soft, flowing lines gives Vilner's body of work a beautiful feminine charm that enchants. With an eye for combining modern and classic design, A...
Start Price : 75.00
Sound Please17Sound Please
Quality Art Auction
NOW'S YOUR CHANCE TO WIN THIS COLLECTORS GEM, HAND SIGNED BY CHUCK JONES! Own this amazing piece based on the original line image hand drawn and...
Start Price : 385.00
Another Beautiful Day18Another Beautiful Day
Quality Art Auction
Larissa Holt, a student of distinguished artist Eyvind Earle, used stimulating color and breathtaking scenery to create this spectacular work of art.
Start Price : 108.90
Quality Art Auction
Combining elegance and whimsy, these Disney Glass pieces are perfect for any collector. "Mischievous" is a limited edition glass castle wi...
Sold to diaruss6 for (40.00 + 0.00) x 1 = 40.00
Untitled Original20Untitled Original
Quality Art Auction
With broad swaths of harmonious earth tones, prolific artist Michael Rossini creates movement and texture in his exquisite abstract works. This piece
Start Price : 400.00
Wedding in Paris21Wedding in Paris
Quality Art Auction
With bright colors and soft brushstrokes, Zamy Steynovitz (1951-2000) created feminine romanticized scenes with a playful nature. "Wedding in P...
Start Price : 55.00
The First Couple22The First Couple
Quality Art Auction
Wild lines and muted colors make Edna Hibel's art stand out in any room. "The First Couple" is a limited edition lithograph on paper, ...
Start Price : 105.00
Quality Art Auction
ADD THE STUNNING WORK OF WORLD-RENOWNED ARTIST PINO TO YOUR COLLECTION! Pino's portraits allow glimpses into intensely personal, intimate spaces...
Sold to SusanMN for (25.00 + 0.00) x 1 = 25.00
Floral Dream24Floral Dream
Quality Art Auction
Using expressive brush strokes and commanding colors, Mark Kazav creates pieces that captivate and astound! "Floral Dream" is an original ...
Start Price : 100.00
Quality Art Auction
David Cowles' distinctive style and iconography has earned him a permanent space in art and pop culture! "Brando" is a limited edition...
Start Price : 125.00
A Fine Feathered Friend26A Fine Feathered Friend
Quality Art Auction
NOW YOU CAN OWN THIS VIBRANT DISNEY MASTERPIECE BY DAVID WILLARDSON! With careful details, loyalty to original Disney creations, and a unique, persona
Start Price : 215.00
Ultimate New Ultimates #327Ultimate New Ultimates #3
Quality Art Auction
A piece of comic book history, this limited edition print, drawn by Frank Cho, depicts Captain America, Black Panther, Carol Danvers, Iron Man, Shanna
Start Price : 120.00
Dark Orange Strata Small Traditional Urn28Dark Orange Strata Small Traditional Urn
Quality Art Auction
With patterns and designs inspired by nature, GartnerBlade's unique glasswork exudes brilliance and fine artistry. This hand-blown "Dark Or...
Sold to SusanMN for (25.00 + 0.00) x 1 = 25.00
The Cars!29The Cars!
Quality Art Auction
Peter Simon deftly chronicles an era through his camera lens; his photographs capture the essence of his subjects. "The Cars!" is a limite...
Start Price : 385.00
Untitled Original30Untitled Original
Quality Art Auction
Antonio Dojer is known for his bold lines and shapes paired with a dynamic use of color. This piece is an untitled original mixed media painting on pa
Start Price : 140.00
Appassionata II31Appassionata II
Quality Art Auction
With a style that is reminiscent of the frescoes of Michelangelo and Caravaggio, Tomasz Rut creates breathtaking works of art that capture the beauty
Start Price : 840.00
Ollie Capone32Ollie Capone
Quality Art Auction
With unforgettable characters and undeniable charm, Michael Godard creates artworks that are sure to be the centerpiece of any room! "Ollie Cap...
Start Price : 1,225.00
The Dancer33The Dancer
Quality Art Auction
With rich, saturated colors and refined textures, Rafael Saryan paints figures that embody elegance! "The Dancer" is a limited edition gic...
Start Price : 60.00
Tip Toe Floating (13" x 17")34Tip Toe Floating (13" x 17")
Quality Art Auction
Start Price : 1,237.50
Popeye Spinach36Popeye Spinach
Quality Art Auction
NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO OWN THIS FUN AND FAMILIAR SERICAL! Perfect for the casual fan and the avid collector, this image of Popeye offering Olive Oyl a
Start Price : 66.00
Albert Einstein (E=MC2)37Albert Einstein (E=MC2)
Quality Art Auction
Combining his passions for music and art, David Garibaldi creates stunning visual poetry. "Albert Einstein (E=MC2)" is a limited edition g...
Start Price : 165.00
Fall in NYC39Fall in NYC
Quality Art Auction
Linnea Pergola creates vivid scenes of familiar locations found around the world and transforms them into modern-day masterpieces! "Fall in NYC...
Start Price : 150.00
Frank Sinatra - Blue Eyes41Frank Sinatra - Blue Eyes
Quality Art Auction
Full of life and unmistakable talent, KAT's paintings depict pop-culture icons in a unique and expressive way. "Frank Sinatra - Blue Eyes&q...
Start Price : 549.00
Allegoria De La Danza42Allegoria De La Danza
Quality Art Auction
Alluring and elegant brushstrokes are a trademark of Royo's body of work, with lines and colors that wisp together gracefully Royo creates a sce...
Start Price : 1,300.00
Quality Art Auction
With rich colors and crisp lines, Chris Dellorco combines architectural splendor with the elegant beauty of the human form. "Masks" is a l...
Start Price : 264.00
Pan on Board44Pan on Board
Quality Art Auction
With incredible talent, intricate details, and an impressionistic touch, James Coleman creates touching scenes featuring Disney's most beloved c...
Start Price : 395.00
Embrace Growing Up45Embrace Growing Up
Quality Art Auction
Inspired by the Cubist masters, Alexandra Nechita creates masterpieces that are coveted the world over. "Embrace Growing Up" is a limited ...
Start Price : 2,575.00
Untitled Original46Untitled Original
Quality Art Auction
With bright colors and sharp, intricate lines, Ani Galstyan creates complex and captivating works of art. This piece is an untitled original mixed med
Sold to diaruss6 for (5.00 + 0.00) x 1 = 5.00
Be Fruitful47Be Fruitful
Quality Art Auction
NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO OWN THE BRIGHT AND BRILLIANT ARTWORK OF ARBE! With rich, sensual colors and careful embellishment, Arbe creates powerful, emotiv
Start Price : 110.00
Oval Vase - Blue/Green48Oval Vase - Blue/Green
Quality Art Auction
Incorporating interesting textures and bright, lively colors, Neal Drobnis creates stunning glassworks. This piece is a hand-blown glass vase, hand si
Start Price : 305.00
Freedom Tower and Port Miami49Freedom Tower and Port Miami
Quality Art Auction
Chen creates stunningly detailed masterpieces filled with elaborate icons and a touch of fantasy. "Freedom Tower and Port of Miami" is a l...
Start Price : 50.00
Quality Art Auction
Wyland's simple but exquisite portraits of marine life are unmatched in skill and beauty. "Dolphin" is an original sumi brush art pain...
Start Price : 880.00
Happy Together51Happy Together
Quality Art Auction
With intense, vivid colors and free brush strokes, Leonid Afremov creates paintings that are captivating in their emotional intensity. "Happy T...
Sold to Pulse410 for (210.00 + 0.00) x 1 = 210.00
Untitled # 1252Untitled # 12
Quality Art Auction
NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO OWN THIS REMARKABLE PIECE BY VIDAN! The dreamlike imagery of Vidan is pure visual poetry! The influence of master artist Pino is
Start Price : 113.00
Island Paradise53Island Paradise
Quality Art Auction
DON'T MISS OUT ON YOUR CHANCE TO OWN THE EXQUISITE MARINE ART OF FAMED ARTIST WYLAND! Wyland's true love for nature is so clearly conveyed i...
Start Price : 421.30