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Landsborough Auctions Ltd is a family owned and operated business, started by Ross Landsborough in 1971. Ross graduated from Missouri Auction School, Kansas City, Missouri in October of 1970 and has sold auctions across Canada since then. In 1993 son Dave Landsborough attended Missouri Auction School and joined his Dad in the business. Together they expanded the company and in 1997 Ross, Dave, Kelly and Gary sold their first gun sale. In 1999 younger son Gary attended Missouri Auction and joined Ross and Dave in the Auction Company

Auctioneer's Auctions

January 21 2017 AuctionJanuary 21 2017 Auction(Session 1)
Landsborough Auctions
Burford, Ontario, Canada
2018 Jan 21 @ 18:00Auction Local Time (UTC-5 : EST/CDT)
2018 Jan 21 @ 15:00Pacific Time