6-29-12 $75 Start Relatively Everything!! MUST PREBID!!

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Our auctions commonly feature fine art, beautiful jewelry and bronze and real silver sculptures. Gold, diamond and precious gemstone jewelry for men and women. Fine watches. Some items are reproductions, please verify. Limited editions and originals from old masters like Renoir, Degas, and Chagall, innovators such as Dali, Warhol and Chiparus, and artists of every genre like Archipenko, Peter Max, Tarkay, Ernst, Neiman and Miro. Pre-bid is just when you leave a max bid prior to the auction starting. If your pre-bid is the highest bid and you win the item, the discount will be taken from the winning bid. If you win an item by being the highest bidder during the live auction (by using the “bid” button), it does not qualify for the discount.
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Auction Items Coming Soon! There are no items currently viewable for this auction,
but they will be available here as soon as they are ready.